happy shave ice - LOGO PROJECT



Happy Shave Ice makes gourmet organic Hawaiian / Asian style shave ice. Their target audience is happy, youthful, health-conscious, well-travelled, well educated, and environmentally responsible. Their shops are located at beach-side locations in California and Florida, USA. The goal was to create a visual identity that is happy, playful, organic, but with a hand-illustrated vibe to it. It is import to create a positive energy design with a slight vintage vibe but without being kitschy or cliche.



Firstly, the main name of the business, "Happy" is hand-lettered and drawn in a way to make you smile. The way the curves were added to the letter 'H', the tail of the lower case 'y' creates a smiley face, and an added splash of a syrup makes the word jumpy and energetic. Also, one of the client's goal was to translate the main logo into t-shirts and stickers and as such, the shave ice itself being the focal point is the main design of the logo that not only serves its function but also acts as a mini-art piece. A secondary mark (without the snow ice illustration) makes it easy for the logo to be adapt and be used across multiple platforms. Finally the look is finished off with bright colors and Hawaiian theme fonts.