HIGH TIDE POKE - logo project



High Tide Poke Bar is a fast casual poke restaurant serving downtown Santa Cruz locals. Its goal is to provide great tasting poke made with the highest quality ingredients, and serve it with a smile.

As the name suggests and given that the restaurant is located in the beach area, the goal was to create a strong visual identity that correlates to its name specifically angling to a beach theme, surf theme, and/or ocean theme. However, it was as important to clearly represent what the restaurant serves so it attracts the right demographic (healthy conscious audience).



The logo proposal was to combine three main elements that represents the brand - poke bowl, fish (the main ingredient of the poke bowl), and wave (high tide fish tail). The end result was a fun fish character logo that not only serves the purpose but also makes a lasting impression.

The fish is purposely drawn with a brush stroke for a crafty, tailored look, that also perfectly matches with a brush stroke style script. Added Japanese style pattern on the fish belly (especially with a popping orange color) adds an extra fun visual element to the overall design.