My Favorite Procreate Brushes

Here are my all-time favorite Procreate brushes:


1) Grainy Texture (I absolutely love this brush and use this for almost all of my illustrations):

2) Halftone Texture (This brush is perfect for shadow effects and on backgrounds):

OR you can buy the bundle for cheaper:


1) Rough Pencil Textures (Love the rough pencil feel of these brushes!):

2) Halftone Texture (This brush is perfect for adding fun accents and on backgrounds):

3) Rough & Raw Textures (Works perfectly for adding rough overall textures on my art pieces):


1) On the Road Procreate brush set (Works perfectly to complete a lettering piece by adding fun textures and shadows):

*Please note that the brush links above are affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase these brushes through this link, I will get a small commission with no charge to you! This is a great way for me to grow my creative business and provide more content and value to you! :)